The Story


tee&ing was created by two sisters: Anna (Tee) and Kimmy (Ing). 
We feel that it is time to explain the origins of our company name and how it came about. During our childhood people around us could not pronounce our traditional Vietnamese names properly
(and we don’t blame them!).
The majority of people pronounced the names Thuy and Yen as “Tee” and “Ing” so we just ran with it. When it came down to deciding on a name for our store the process came very
naturally as we believed tee&ing was just a perfect fit.
Fashion has always been of interest to us both, as children we would always dress up whenever we got the chance, we would always admire our mother’s outfits. Kimmy would always draw clothing designs and make outfits for our dolls out of left over excess fabric from our mother’s sewing.
During our teenage years we would always envision owning our own clothing brand and would come up with business names, ideas, illustrate our own designs and just dreamed of what it would be like to have our own clothing store, a dream that seemed farfetched at the time in a setting
that promotes the tertiary education route over everything else. 
We knew being in the fashion/ecommerce industry was what we wanted to do after high school. However, before tee&ing we started our first venture that was an online boutique called ‘My Own Boutique’ when we were just 19 and 21. Although super ambitious, we lacked experience, knowledge and guidance of the landscape of which we were embarking upon which resulted in the closure of the store. Although we failed our first business venture, we were not discouraged
and used past mistakes as a driving force to our advantage to start a new business.
We are now as ambitious as ever! 
The birth of tee&ing.
The concept of tee&ing was created as early as 2014 but officially launched in January 2016. Our main objective was to bring in the latest key fashion pieces and make it available
for people without the hefty price tag.
We started out first as an online fashion accessories store with a small inventory of about 30 products and have now ventured back into clothing with over 400 products available and further looking to expand our range even more in the following months to come.
We always get asked if we love what we do? Absolutely, there is nothing more satisfying than visualising your dreams and manifesting it into reality.
For us it was always more about the passion as opposed to making a quick buck. Seeing how much tee&ing can grow as a business has provided us with much fulfilment that is unmatched.
Our first priority is our customers as they make all of this possible. We wanted the whole experience to be perfect for them from the minute they visit our website up until the time they receive the package on their doorsteps and any concerns they may have after. We’ve put a tedious amount of effort and thought into everything from the website, the photos, products, packaging and every single little detail.
There are definitely some ups and downs of running your own business but we love the everyday challenges of running tee&ing and we’re always trying to outdo ourselves with everything to make the whole customer experience perfect for all you lovely souls.
Thuy & Yen

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